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Tied up girl struggles against the ropes.   new tied up girls
19 year old slave girl wants to try some tight bondage. She has never really been rope tied up, fucked hard and used as a sex slave, but today Master will grant her her wish. She offers all 3 holes to her Master and obediently follows his commands as he teaches her about punishment and reward. After giving an impressive blowjob, girls cute ass is fucked, her feet are riding-cropped and she experiences many forced orgasms as she struggles against the rope bondage. Once trained, Master collars slave girl and leads her around like a pet before cumming in her mouth.

Young girl in bra, elbows tied tightly, tied young girls.   new tied up girls
I took her wrists, uncrossed them and placed them palm to palm., tying them not too tightly at first but then tying the cinch rope round and over the wrists ropes tightening them up nicely. While I was picking up the next rope, she pulled her wrists to the side and looked over her shoulder to examine the ropes. I pulled her wrists back behind her and doubling up my rope noosed it around her arms just above her elbows and slowly drew them together. With her muscular shoulders I knew I'd never get her elbows to meet, but I'd make sure they were still escape-proof. After three turns around her elbows, two more turns between them cinched it all fairly tightly. I bent forward, and reaching behind her back unclipped her red bra. I eased her bra straps down her shoulders, and bending her head forward lifted her bra over her head, behind her and down to her elbow ropes...

Slave girl tied to the bed, pussy worship, pussy licking tied slave.   new tied up girls
Natali is ready to go out to a party but she can't find her favorite shoes because Kendra stole them! Kendra will pay dearly for this, and first she must clean them with her tongue. She makes Kendra tied to the bed, worship her ass and lick her pussy. Putting her tongue to good use could be handy at the party too. Mistress Natali decides to take her along and make her a panty sniffing, pussy licking slave.

Girls tied and suspended, nipple clamped, hands tied above.   new tied up girls
Her long hair, somewhat darkened and matted now with sweat, but still glorious, cascading down over the creamy back and shoulders, now partially obscuring, now revealing the tormented face; hands tied cruelly together at the wrists high above the head, the fingers clutching helplessly at the air; arms stretched to the limits by the unendurable weight of the hanging body; lovely, defenseless breasts pulled upward and outward, nipple clamps with weights are used to test her pain. Taut-skinned stomach, once a flawless expanse of luscious flesh, breathtaking in shape, and sensuously molded calves, dangling, writhing, jerking reflexively. The pain-contorted but still pretty face; the gagged, gasping mouth, from which had recently issued those terrible piercing screams...

hogtied girl

College girl in short skirt tied up.
She was clad as a college girl in black top, high heels and short plaid skirt. Her hands were tied behind her. Her mouth was filled with a large ball gag strapped in place. She stood tied quietly not moving or making a sound... Her short skirt was already bunched up on top off her butt because of the straps and now she felt the woman shred her panties. She whimpered in fear. The woman's fingers penetrated her pussy and roughly spread her. First one finger and then a second found its way into her butt hole and spread it...

Two girls tied in severe bondage position, ring gagged, crotchroped.
Two girls. Two pussies. Two bodies to torture and make come. They made to stand in spiked high heels. Rope tied their breasts, pulling the rope tight, stretching her tits. Rope tight around their necks. Ring-gagged and crotchroped. Their bodies struggle to endure severe bondage position.

Hot girls tied up, collared and chained together.
Dressed in blue latex and high heels, mistress posing with her two girls tied up, chained together slave girls. One girl in black latex maid dress collared and chained to blue latex dressed slave girl.

Extreme punishment for slave boy, guys tied up by girls.
Mistress wastes no time in making chad work for her pussy. With a heavy bowling ball attached to slaves balls, she orders him to crawl around while in a strait jacket and other medical restraints. He whimpers through the big ball gag as his manhood suffers as the hands of a strong and beautiful Mistress but when she strips and orders him to lick her ass he feels rewarded. Once he proves he can get a hard cock, Mistress takes a ride, cumming all over him before wearing her own hard cock and sodomizing slave's loose asshole. She roughly milks his cock while strapon fucking and slaps his juices all over his face. For not asking permission to cum, chad will now be punished in a brutal BDSM scene featuring clothespins, the cattle prod and the cane.

Teenage girls in jeans and bra tied up, teenage girls tied up.
Girl in jeans and white bra tied tightly with her arms behind her back, knees and ankles tied and cleave gagged. The white bra she wore was filled with the abundance of her lusciously swelling breasts, their exposed upper slopes rising and falling provocatively with her agitated breathing. Her attempts to escape seemed impossible.

Girl tied and crotchroped, girls tied up fingered.
She did like wearing a crotch rope but Mistress had never attached it to her tied hands before. She pulled at her tied wrists and the crotchrope moved and dug a little deeper. She walked and the crotch rope moved and rubbed. Yes she was certainly enjoying this. She sat down on the bed and crotchrope moved some more... The ropes were forcing the soft silky crotch of her panties between her labia and they were rubbing her in the most sensitive portion of her anatomy. Hurriedly she stopped before groaning again...

save girl tied up

Japanese tied up girls, naked and hair tied girl.
Japanese girl is standing naked in the middle of the room, her hands tied behind her and her long dark hair hitched up to a hook which dangled on a rope from the ceiling. Tight crotchrope cuts into her cunt. Her hair was fastened to it in a manner calculated to keep her on her toes, since if she tried to stand flat-footed, it would tighten and pull painfully at her scalp, at her crotchrope. A very large ring gag forces her mouth-hole open, strap tightly tied behind her head.

Hogtied and ball-gagged girls, hog tied girls.
Beautiful girl is hogtied with rope, only wearing a panties and high heels shoes. She looks wonderful in tight ropes. Her elbows rope tied behind her back until they touch. Big red ball-gag is stuffed in her parched mouth and bound between her clenched teeth. Strings of drool drip from her gagged lips. She wiggles and squirms against her strict, controlling bondage.

Nipple clamped tied up girl, hot asian girls tied up.
She tried to lower her arms, and she managed to pull the hook down to her eye level, but she could get it no further. She could see the ropes that bound her wrists together, the knots holding tightly and securely. Her bindings rested in the bottom of the hook, her wrists securely and tightly tied to either side of the silver metal, and she was unable to free herself because of the pressure. Slowly, her long slender arms were pulled straight up over her head again as fatigue set in... Her red lips were stretched around a large leather plug, which filled her mouth, jacking her teeth apart while depressing her tongue. The gag strap was also of white leather, and buckled behind her head...

Tied up and pump gagged girls.
The woman knelt in front of tied up girl and pushed a pump gag into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, slave girl saw that the thing had a hose and bulb attached to it. The woman began to squeeze the bulb and she felt the rubber thing expand in her mouth. The woman pumped the bulb quickly and soon the rubber bladder had expanded and forced her tongue down to the bottom of her mouth and caused her cheeks to painfully expand. The sensation was one of being blown up and it was almost overwhelming. Again she fought to control her gag reflex and calm her nerves... She could feel the sticky wet rubber slipping and sliding against her sweat-soaked body and this, coupled with her bondage along with the tightness of the gag occupying her mouth helped push her over the brink...

Tied to the tree in tight jeans, public tied girls.
A sweater, tight jeans with nice high heels that accentuated my ass - that was my style... He looped a length of rope round my waist a couple of times and tied it tightly in the middle of my back. Then he tied the loose ends round the tree. The next two lengths of rope bound and cinched my wrists and elbows behind the tree. The ends of these were also used to tied my arms tightly to the tree. My pussy was already hot and wet with expectation. I spread my legs in anticipation...

femdom tied

Two girls in sexy lingerie tied together.
Two girls in bras and panties tied together. Jana in red lingerie and Isabella in tan. First we tie them dressed in thier sexy lingerie. Breast rope harnesses, tied wrists and ankles for both bondage models. Then we strip them. Both beautiful models are naked and we tie them against uprights. They are quite helpless as we tape thier mouths.

Stressful strappado tied up little girls.
Girl tied in stressful strappado. Thin cord wrapped in multiple loops around the base of her tits and drawn so tight that her breasts bulged tight and took on a deep purple hue. Screw clamps tightened viciously onto her nipples. Leather gag strap head harness tied tightly over the head. Bound and helpless she struggles for comfort.

Girls in bra tied and foot tickled.
I then pull out two very small nipple clamps, there are small enough to fit under a bra. I tighten them on each of her nipples just enough so she does not feel too much pain... She began to cut off the rest of the top and the bra... Her head buzzed and her breath came in ragged gasps as she struggled in bondage. She opened her mouth around slave’s gag and pressed her lips to her, one hand on the back of girl’s head pushing their lips together...

Rope tied, gagged and fucked, girls tied up and fucked.
Master smiled, and reached again behind the tied girls's head, and unbuckled the ball gag. It was so large, and her jaws were numb enough, that she could not expel the ball from her mouth without help. She groaned in frustration, and shook her head, trying to sling the invader free. Master grasped the leather, and slowly pried the huge ball from between her teeth, where it had been compressed for many hours. Slave girl whined her discomfort as it stretched her lips, then popped free with a wet, sucking sound. She moaned as a large stream of saliva which had been trapped behind the gag flowed down her chin...

Sextorture from dildo and labia clamps, girls tied up sextorture.
It takes an experienced lesbo to turn even the most innocent tied girl into a whirlwind of pink-hitting passion. Watch this young lady used by this mean lesbo lady who grabs the beauty by her chin, throws her on the stick and makes her lick her feet! The girl loves the pleasure, and she loves obeying even more!... The dildo received similar attention and was promptly rammed inside her vagina. The crotch piece slid in place securing the two intruders deeply inside but before he locked it to the waist belt Mistress pushed a small metal clamp through a hole in it and captured her labia and clit in the jaws.

Slave girls fucked tied up, girls in wide leather collar tied.
Her wrists tied tightly together another set of the steel cuffs were applied above her elbows, pulling them back sharply, her firm breasts thrust forward, trembling her nipples standing up stiffly... Master slipped a wide leather collar around her throat, slipping a padlock through the hasp at the back of the collar but leaving it unlocked for the moment. Lifting her arms away from her back, Master folded them at the elbow, forearms sliding underneath the upper arms. Slave girl whimpered the position was very difficult at first. her wrists were tied to the back of the collar, elbows lowermost on her back, her arms tightly tied up between her shoulder blades.

Secretary girl ball-gagged and tied to chair.
I noticed the coils of cotton rope in her right hand... She moved one of our hardback chairs from the kitchen to the middle of the den, hauled me up into it, and set to work. She pulled loop after tight loop of rope, securing me to the chair at knees, thighs, waist, above and below my breasts, and across my shoulders... My back is arched to conform to the shape of the chair causing my tits to jut out and be prominently displayed. They are very sensitive... My legs are rope tied and back in a painful bondage position. I am very uncomfortable... Finally a ball gag is placed in my mouth and secured behind my head with the leather strap. I am uncomfortable and this discomfort increases with each passing moment...

Tied in corset, tight crotchrope, tied girls for public fuck.
Slave girl in ballet shoes, latex corset tightly tied. Breast harness bondage and hands tied behind the post. One ankle tied up and ball gag screws into her mouth to keep down the noise. Mistress gags her and plays with those lucious breasts before crotch roping her helpless pussy.

lesbian girls tied up latex tied girls

Ball-gagged school girls being tied up.
Mistress in red top and high heels rope tied up her wrists, gripped the edges of the short skirt and lifted her skirt to reveal a tight pair of white cotton panties. Mistress lifted the black, rubber ball gag and placed it between her teeth, pulling the black rubber loop of the strap to the nape of her neck and under her hair. School girl opened her jaw and wiggled her tongue, and the smooth, rounded rubber of the strap snugged the ball even further into her mouth... Her jaws were already aching after being forced so wide apart by the ball but it was a sweet ache she enjoyed very much... She is spanked and moans through her ball-gag. Schoolgirl forces her to lick her ass and suck on her strapon cock before sinking it deep into her beautiful ass. Finally Mistress places an ass hook into her slave's butt and pulls her up onto her tippy-toes for a spread-eagled flogging.

Girls wrists tied up, dressed in corset and heels girl tied.
Beautiful girl dressed in a blue corset, black panties, stockings and heels. Her wrists rope tied above her head to get a good look at her long legs and luscious body. For a better view, we remove the corset and panties. We ballgag her and she struggles for us.

Bilbos tied and tickled girl, denim skirt girl tied and tickled.
She is locked into a torturous position with metal bilbos. Her neck is tied down which keeps bent and immobile. Shackles at her ankles, high heels amd denim skirt. Clearly in pain, she falls on her side. Master pull down her skirt and underwear and checking her holes.

Spread tied teen girl in lingerie, teen girls tied up.
The lovely, young teen girl gets dressed in sexy red lingerie. We buckle cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Then we tied up her spread and standing against a wall. We get her naked and buckle a large leather strap around her waist. A chain is used on the strap, to pull her pelvis away from the wall and stretch her out. Vibrator tied into her crotch.

Naked slave girl tied up, her hair tied to her roped elbows.
Naked collared slave girl with her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail and rope tied to elbows. Her wrists bound to thighs, long piece of rope wrapped above and below her breast. Rope braided into hair and tied to ropes between her elbows. Her securely tied bonds were tight and she knew that wriggling out of anything was already impossible. Crotch rope passed between her thighs, directly above her pussy...

Young girl tied and gagged, tied in corset, crotchrope.
We find poor young girl inside the house, dressed in corset, struggling to balance on one stiletto-clad foot, as her other leg has been tied up to a post. Her plump breasts look so delightful. Ropes tightly harness her body, fat ball gag and cruel crotchrope gets her squirming!

Girls tied up with black dildo jammed deeply and forced to lick pussy.
Domina again bent, and removed the slightly smaller dildo which had been wedged up slave's backside. "OH!" the bound girl cried out as the dildo slipped wetly from her painfully stretched sphincter. She whimpered as Mistress held the black dildo commandingly at her lips. "Clean it!" ordered she. Slave girl wrinkled her nose, and whimpered, but submissively parted her pussy lips. Mistress touched the tip of the dildo just touching the tip of slave's tongue, and held it there... her eyes closed in anticipation of having the foul thing jammed deeply into her mouth, opened one eye to see what was going on. She saw Mistrss grinning at her, and then watched the dominant brunette pull the dildo from in front of her face, and toss it aside...

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Guy tied up by girls, domina with massive tits and her tied slave.
Dominatrix with massive tits, dressed in sexy lingerie, tied slave to the exam table, balls and all. She begins shocking him with the wand, this makes him squirm and jerk, but every time he moves his rope tied balls remind him who's in charge here. Smothered by Dominas massive tits, even slaves breathing is not in his control. Then he's forced to lick Dominas ass before she flogs and spanks him. Seeing her slave bitch writhe and squirm is turning Mistress on. So she rope tied her slave down on his back and rides his cock hard. Satisfied, she turns him over and takes his ass with her large strapon cock.

Bra and panties girl all tied up.
Master rope tied hot blond slave ball gagged her and began rips her clothes off. Girl continued bucking and writhing, but Mastrer controlled her with little difficulty. ..only sexy bra and panties underneath left even less... Slave girl glared and continued struggling, causing her breasts to bobble and sway... She's flogged all over before being forced to orgasm with a vibrator. Master fucks her hard from behind before ordering her to crawl. Her reward is more fucking in rope bondage and finally a load of hot cum in the mouth.

Black armbinders girl tied up by other girls, latex girl tied up.
Latex dressed maid single-sleeve armbinders of black leather tied. The binders pressed her elbows together and her hands palm-to-palm, and once laced up, broad, thick leather straps tied over the sleeves and around her wrists and elbows, reinforcing her helplessness. Single, much thinner straps passed under her armpits and behind her necks, yoking slaves shoulders and preventing the sleeves from slipping or being pulled down her arms. It was overkill, of course. The tightness of the sleeves and the wrist and elbow straps would have made pulling them down impossible, in any case.

Asian school girls tied up and abused.
Asian school girls hogtied tightly with elbows bound together. Dressed in sexy boots, tight denim skirt with belt. Her denim skirt hiking up to show off her pantyhose. Her wrists are tied simply, but without chance of escape. She strains against the tightly constricting bondage that renders her utterly helpless.

Tied and gagged girl, tits electro tortured.
Her heart was a drum while she strained against her bonds. This was it. She was about to leave her - helplessly tied and gagged. The thick, tight ball gag was huge in her mouth and her fear increased... She began to unbuckle the red ballgag. She popped it out of girl's mouth The gag popped free to slave's relief, but the relief didn't last long. The woman produced a ring gag and forced it pass girl's lips and lodged it behind her teeth. When it was tightly strapped behind her head, the device held her mouth open wide. She couldn't tilt her head or swallow fast enough so saliva began to trickle out of her mouth and onto her chin and pooled on the floor...

Schoolgirl in pleated mini skirt tied up, school girls tied up and gagged.
She retrieved the underwear and pulled the white cotton high waist panties on followed by the sexy cotton bra... Next came the pleated skirt. It was a black and white plaid that barely came to her mid thighs. There were also knee socks... She stepped into the high heeled lace up shoes that were on the shelf and tied the laces... She crossed and roughly bound girl’s wrists behind her... all that writhing around with my spread legs had caused my mini-skirt to ride up. I wasn't wearing anything underneath so my neatly trimmed pussy got a very public airing.

Strappado tied girl, barefoot girls tied.
Master spread her barefoot legs and attached the straps on the bar to each ankle. When he finished, bondage girl’s ankles were tied about two, two and half feet apart... The man wasted no time in restraining her. He was rough and efficient. A bar cuffed to her ankles spread her legs wide. Her hands were tied up high behind her back, bending her at her waist until her torso was parallel to the floor. Heavy straps were buckled to the tops of her thighs and additional ropes were wrapped around her chest...

Girl in bra tied up with rope and gagged, clamped nipples.
It was easy for her to reach down the front of her bra, slide a bra strap off of her shoulder, and free a plump breast sufficiently to pinch slave's pink nipple into throbbing stiffness. Master and slave looked eye to eye as the clamp enveloped girl's blood engorged nipple...grip was released and the little teeth claimed their prize, she closed her eyes and moaned softly in her gag. So small, so beautiful, yet they hurt so much! Master returned the breast to its satin and lace bra, leaving the clamp biting into her tormented pink nipple. He repeated the same process on the other nipple, and she whimpered, and bit her lip against the pain... She was breathing rapidly and moaning loudly into the gag thankful it was there, it gave her something to bite down on...

Nude girl tied up and ball gagged, girls tied up nude.
Her ball gag was a hateful presence between her lips. She know from long bondage experience that the ballgag pressing on the back of her throat would generate copious saliva which she would struggle to swallow to avoid choking, while her lips, stretched tightly around the circumference of the huge ball gag, would become parched and dry. Surprisingly, her jaw hurt less now than it had right after the ball gag was wedged between her teeth, but she knew that soon a dull, endless ache would set in, and there was nothing to do to relieve it.



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