Ass hook tied pictures, big toes tied together and to ball gag strap, girl tied with hook in her ass.

ass hook tied pictures

As slave groaned in agony, trying to adjust to this new bondage position, she felt Mistress work a rope around her big toes, jamming her socks into the space between her toes. She was incredulous as Mistress tightly tied her big toes together. Slave girl felt a rope being worked under the strap of her ball gag. She moaned into her gag as Mistress pulled on this rope. The ball gag strap cut further into her cheeks and forced the foam further into her mouth. The other end was attached to her toes and now her head was held up and pulled back by a rope to her big toes. It was so uncomfortable and yet she still had feeling in all her limbs. As she squirmed and settled into this new indignity, the ropes adjusted and shifted on her body. It was incredibly tight and she certainly couldnít move, but strangely it didnít really hurt her...

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