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Chair tied full breasted sexy girl, tight rope around chest.   new tied up girls
Full breasted sexy girl tied to a chair. Her hands were tied behind her back. She sat forward and rigid in a solid wooden chair... was forced down on the chair seat and she used another short rope to secure her wrists to the back of the chair... Her legs tied to the back chair legs and several loops around and between her breasts secured her upper body... Picking up another length of rope, she tied the first portion of this rope around wrist. In small, tight circles starting just above wrist, she took the remaining rope and encircled arm, up her forearm to just above elbow, fully securing girls arm to the chair. Picking up two more lengths of rope, she repeated the process to right arm. She added more rope around chest, waist and thighs so girl would be unable to lift herself off the chair... Her hips tried to move but the ropes held...

She was tied up bent over the chair.   new tied up girls
Mistress has planned some amusing activities for the beautiful and ravishing slave to experience. She is fastened in the punishment box, tied and ball-gagged. Ballet boots, laced and locked onto her calves. The vibrator is rigged directly to her cunt.

Chair tied in corset, harness gagged women.   new tied up girls
Girl finds herself tied to a chair with her mouth fully packed. She looks wonderful in tigth rope bondage. Squirming and wriggling while bound by Mistress to a chair and harness gagged. Tight ropes, tight sexy corset, ballet boots. knotted crotchrope teasing her as she struggles and squirms against her bonds.

Wife chair tied and cleave gagged. Black bra, garters.
Girl dressed in some very provocative lingerie: black lace bra with 1/4 cup which pushed her breasts up and left her nipples exposed, numerous garters that attached to fishnet black stockings, a pair of black thong panties which were one size to small, for a very snug fit, and what looked to be six inch spiked heels on black patent leather pumps... Rope tied to chair and cleave gagged by latex dressed Mistress.

Collared Asian sex slave tied to chair, gagged punished.
He buys his Asian sex slave girl for a few hours of pleasure. This bitch is supposed to be Asian, not the half American whore she turns out to be. As punishment Master rope ties her up, flogs her, slaps her, and forces his cock down her throat. He collared and gagged her. He pushes a large buttplug up her ass to stretch it nicely, then fucks her with roughness in every hole.

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Tied to chair girl crotch roped, rope centered in girl's pussy.
Mistress said, "Now I'm going to add a crotch rope. Do you know what that is? You don't? Then this will be a surprise."... She tied a rope around slave's waist with the knot at her back, ran the end between her legs and over the rope in front, and then to the back again where it went around the chest ropes. Heather made sure the rope was centered in girl's pussy and then pulled it tight and tied it. When slave girl was again hoisted onto her toes some of her weight was supported by the crotch rope and she felt like she was being cut in two. She screamed through her gag...

Woman tied to chair in leather skirt, blouse and stockings.
Gorgeous blonde gets all dressed up for work and puts on her sexy blouse, stockings and tight leather skirt, but before she gets out of her kitchen a burglar grabs her, tied her with rope in various positions.Her big doe eyes and pretty face compliment her tight ropes and mouth filling gag.

Girls tied to a chair and humiliated.
Being ball-gagged always made her feel terribly helpless. The strap holding the ball went around her neck and it'd been buckled in place as tightly as possible, pulling the corners of her mouth back. A second strap passed over her forehead and it joined the strap in back. This too, had been pulled as taut as it would go. The third surrounded her head and it ensured the second wouldn't slip and loosen anything. As if this arrangement wasn't enough, the fourth and last strap had been pulled tight under her chin, forcing her aching, protesting jaws down on the ball filling her mouth. String of drool drip from her lower lips. There was no way anything was coming out without outside assistance.

Chair tied ball gagged housewife, vibrator buzzed on.
He went back to her and applied the rope her wrists crossing them and tying them tight. She was making slight moaning sounds from behind the ball gag but didnít make any other protest. Master then took the leather wrists cuffs and went to her and gently placed each cuff on her snugging the buckle down and then locking the cuffs on with the small padlocks. He then got the ankle cuffs and did the same to slaves ankles... The buzzing thing inside me plus those damned crotch ropes were driving me to cum again. This second time was nowhere near as strong as the first. And still the vibrator buzzed on. I tried muscle control on the thing, but that only made the sensation worse...

Chair tied woman, clamped tits, open blouse.
Mistress then came back to her captive with a set of nipple clamps in her hands. S he didnít waste any time with these. She quickly clamped one to slaves right nipple and then the left. She groaned out loud as the pressure and pain just added to her frustration. She had worn these clamps before... Slave girl moved her hips a bit and felt the pressure of the crotch rope on her sensitive spot. She moaned at the intensity of the feeling. That crotch rope may come in handy, she thought...


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