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girls tied up and gagged
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The woman knelt in front of tied up girl and pushed a pump gag into her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, slave girl saw that the thing had a hose and bulb attached to it. The woman began to squeeze the bulb and she felt the rubber thing expand in her mouth. The woman pumped the bulb quickly and soon the rubber bladder had expanded and forced her tongue down to the bottom of her mouth and caused her cheeks to painfully expand. The sensation was one of being blown up and it was almost overwhelming. Again she fought to control her gag reflex and calm her nerves... She could feel the sticky wet rubber slipping and sliding against her sweat-soaked body and this, coupled with her bondage along with the tightness of the gag occupying her mouth helped push her over the brink...

Tied up and pump gagged girls, pump gagged tied