Girl in bra tied up with rope and gagged, clamped nipples

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girls tied up with rope
gagged in bra

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It was easy for her to reach down the front of her bra, slide a bra strap off of her shoulder, and free a plump breast sufficiently to pinch slave's pink nipple into throbbing stiffness. Master and slave looked eye to eye as the clamp enveloped girl's blood engorged nipple...grip was released and the little teeth claimed their prize, she closed her eyes and moaned softly in her gag. So small, so beautiful, yet they hurt so much! Master returned the breast to its satin and lace bra, leaving the clamp biting into her tormented pink nipple. He repeated the same process on the other nipple, and she whimpered, and bit her lip against the pain... She was breathing rapidly and moaning loudly into the gag thankful it was there, it gave her something to bite down on...

Girl in bra tied up with rope and gagged, clamped nipples, gagged in bra