Ball-gagged school girls being tied up

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Girls dressed in high heels and short skirts tied up galleries. School girls and college girls rope tied up and gagged. Hot teen girls tied together. BDSM, bound, breasts, spread, crotchrope, dildo, latex corset, nipple clamps, lingerie, naked.

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school girls being tied up
ball gagged roped slave

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Mistress in red top and high heels rope tied up her wrists, gripped the edges of the short skirt and lifted her skirt to reveal a tight pair of white cotton panties. Mistress lifted the black, rubber ball gag and placed it between her teeth, pulling the black rubber loop of the strap to the nape of her neck and under her hair. School girl opened her jaw and wiggled her tongue, and the smooth, rounded rubber of the strap snugged the ball even further into her mouth... Her jaws were already aching after being forced so wide apart by the ball but it was a sweet ache she enjoyed very much... She is spanked and moans through her ball-gag. Schoolgirl forces her to lick her ass and suck on her strapon cock before sinking it deep into her beautiful ass. Finally Mistress places an ass hook into her slave's butt and pulls her up onto her tippy-toes for a spread-eagled flogging.

Ball-gagged school girls being tied up, ball gagged roped slave