Tied and gagged girl, tits electro tortured

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tied and gagged girls
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Every model is stripped and tied, gagged and tortured, blindfolded and left alone under sexual distress.

Her heart was a drum while she strained against her bonds. This was it. She was about to leave her - helplessly tied and gagged. The thick, tight ball gag was huge in her mouth and her fear increased... She began to unbuckle the red ballgag. She popped it out of girl's mouth The gag popped free to slave's relief, but the relief didn't last long. The woman produced a ring gag and forced it pass girl's lips and lodged it behind her teeth. When it was tightly strapped behind her head, the device held her mouth open wide. She couldn't tilt her head or swallow fast enough so saliva began to trickle out of her mouth and onto her chin and pooled on the floor...

Tied and gagged girl, tits electro tortured, tits electric pads