Young girl in bra, elbows tied tightly
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tied young girl
lingerie bondage

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I took her wrists, uncrossed them and placed them palm to palm., tying them not too tightly at first but then tying the cinch rope round and over the wrists ropes tightening them up nicely. While I was picking up the next rope, she pulled her wrists to the side and looked over her shoulder to examine the ropes. I pulled her wrists back behind her and doubling up my rope noosed it around her arms just above her elbows and slowly drew them together. With her muscular shoulders I knew I'd never get her elbows to meet, but I'd make sure they were still escape-proof. After three turns around her elbows, two more turns between them cinched it all fairly tightly. I bent forward, and reaching behind her back unclipped her red bra. I eased her bra straps down her shoulders, and bending her head forward lifted her bra over her head, behind her and down to her elbow ropes...

Young girl in bra, elbows tied tightly