Chair tied full breasted sexy girl, tight rope around chest

hard rope tied up

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chair tied
tied to a chair

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Full breasted sexy girl tied to a chair. Her hands were tied behind her back. She sat forward and rigid in a solid wooden chair... was forced down on the chair seat and she used another short rope to secure her wrists to the back of the chair... Her legs tied to the back chair legs and several loops around and between her breasts secured her upper body... Picking up another length of rope, she tied the first portion of this rope around wrist. In small, tight circles starting just above wrist, she took the remaining rope and encircled arm, up her forearm to just above elbow, fully securing girls arm to the chair. Picking up two more lengths of rope, she repeated the process to right arm. She added more rope around chest, waist and thighs so girl would be unable to lift herself off the chair... Her hips tried to move but the ropes held...

Chair tied full breasted sexy girl, tight rope around chest, tied to a chair