Crotchroped tied girl, wrist ropes tied to crotch rope

latex bondage

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crotch rope tied
crotchroped girl

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She watched warily as Mistress attached a short rope to the midpoint of her waist bondage. She threaded the rope between her legs and turned her around to retrieve the loose ends. These she tied to slave’s wrist ropes, but not until she had pulled them very tightly into her crotch. Mistress turned her again and began to adjust the rope so that it was centered precisely between the lips of girl’s pussy. Slave girl gasped at the sensation that ran through her when the rope invaded her crotch. Mistress spun her one more time and applied a rope between her waist rope and the crotch rope that further tightened the crotch rope...

Crotchroped tied girl, wrist ropes tied to crotch rope, crotchroped girl