Tied to chair girl crotch roped, rope centered in girl's pussy

femdom rope tied up

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girl tied to chair
tied chair girl crotch roped

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Mistress said, "Now I'm going to add a crotch rope. Do you know what that is? You don't? Then this will be a surprise."... She tied a rope around slave's waist with the knot at her back, ran the end between her legs and over the rope in front, and then to the back again where it went around the chest ropes. Heather made sure the rope was centered in girl's pussy and then pulled it tight and tied it. When slave girl was again hoisted onto her toes some of her weight was supported by the crotch rope and she felt like she was being cut in two. She screamed through her gag...

Tied to chair girl crotch roped, rope centered in girl's pussy, tied chair girl crotch roped