Anal hook rope tied pictures, girl struggled against her bonds

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The ropes were cleaving the soft flesh of her arms although they didn't hurt or anything though. She tried pulling her hands upwards but the cords tied between her crotch suddenly, painfully tightened and she groaned again. She flinched and growled through her gag as the drone placed one latex-gloved hand on her right butt cheek. She struggled and continued her gagged complaints. Then-something hard, round, and cold touched her anus-and was slowly forced past her clinched sphincter! Amanda stood and struggled against her bonds, continuing to growl. The hook was a perfect fit, anchored inside her rear, cleaving her cheeks, and following her spine to the back of the belt... The sweet agony of her anal hook was almost unbearable.

Anal hook rope tied pictures, girl struggled against her bonds, anal hook rope tied