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The ropes were cleaving the soft flesh of her arms although they didn't hurt or anything though. She tried pulling her hands upwards but the cords tied between her crotch suddenly, painfully tightened and she groaned again. She flinched and growled through her gag as the drone placed one latex-gloved hand on her right butt cheek. She struggled and continued her gagged complaints. Then-something hard, round, and cold touched her anus-and was slowly forced past her clinched sphincter! Amanda stood and struggled against her bonds, continuing to growl. The hook was a perfect fit, anchored inside her rear, cleaving her cheeks, and following her spine to the back of the belt... The sweet agony of her anal hook was almost unbearable.

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Master tied her between two posts and tells her to stay still...but how can she when she’s tied so tightly and her nipples are squeezed by those clamps? She stand on her tiptoes, her legs tied spread, her nipples tied outward. He adds wieghts to harsh crotch rope and nipple clamps, and leaves her in pain.

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I struggled in my bonds but I was so well tied that I could hardly move. However, every little movement of my hips drove me further towards that orgasm I could feel welling up inside me. I found that if tensed my thigh muscles my hips moved backwards and forwards just enough to really get that crotch rope pleasuring me... Master inserted a finger under her crotch rope and gave it several gentle tugs. She groaned in dismay and arousal...

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She turned on the balls of her feet, which were bound tightly together at her ankles with rope... She could feel her sweat tickle down her back, from under her arms across her ribs. Perspiration dripped between her breasts, down her stomach. She was completely naked and rope tied... Master locked one ankle to the 3 foot long spreader bar, then tugged her feet apart, and locked the other ankle... Master tossed a rope over a pipe that ran near the ceiling, and then tied the rope with a cinch between slaves already bound wrists. The cinch served to make the rope binding her wrists bite even more deeply...

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Her feet and legs were also similarly tightly tied together. Worse still, a short length of rope ran from her bound ankles to her wrists and it forced the girl to arch her back like a gymnast. The same piece of cord also effectively meant that she would never be able to lever herself upwards because her legs were bent so far backwards that she could almost touch the heels of her feet... By now her skirt had ridden right up her thighs, exposing her cute little white panties and her breasts were not far from popping out from her top also. After a minute or so, her struggles in bondage subsided...

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Mistress in tight sexy latex dress drives him into the training room by whipping him with her riding crop. There he is ordered to strip down... His arms are rope tied up high. He is fucked hard by Misterss's strapon cock, then he's forced to lick her pussy as she cums all over his face. Then, he is tied to a chair and slapped around good and his cock is ordered to stay hard until Mistress milks it completely.

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She watched warily as Mistress attached a short rope to the midpoint of her waist bondage. She threaded the rope between her legs and turned her around to retrieve the loose ends. These she tied to slave’s wrist ropes, but not until she had pulled them very tightly into her crotch. Mistress turned her again and began to adjust the rope so that it was centered precisely between the lips of girl’s pussy. Slave girl gasped at the sensation that ran through her when the rope invaded her crotch. Mistress spun her one more time and applied a rope between her waist rope and the crotch rope that further tightened the crotch rope...

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Girl and her fabulous boobs are back for more punishment. I still can't decide which she likes more: the pleasure or the punishment. Dressed in high heels and leather she have sexy fetish look. Stuff her mouth and she turns into an instant plaything. Something about not being able to say no...or to say anything at all. Besides, you don't really need the woman to give you directions do you? No, no you don't -- especially when you already where to place that vibrator...

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He then took a length of rope and went behind her and started to tie her elbows together. He pulled the rope tight and pulled her elbows close. Sirl moaned a little at one point and he stopped her elbows at that point and tied it off and finished wrapping the rope around her arms. She felt him begin encircling her body and arms with a rather immense quantity of rope. The rope was wrapped below her bosom and above her elbows... "That elbow tie does wonders for posture", I said looking down at her breasts which had been thrust forwards provocatively. Slave girl couldn't help looking down at them too which amused me...

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She had taken off her bra top and the shorts and now wore just a white bra and wtite cotton panties. She realized that she had never before seen her in her wtite lingerie... Master's got a great new toy that she wants to see buried in one of her slave's tight snatches, so she picks this blonde out of the harem to get tied up and fucked with this large cone dildo. She struggles, complaining that it's too big, but you know Master won't give, as she makes her take every inch while she punish her nipples with clips.


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