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Tied feet in high heels, cuffs locked, spreader bar.   new tied up girls
These girls look innocent and angel-like enough, but when you leave them alone, one of them quickly takes the dominating role and the other enjoys a submissive position. Clips attached to the pussy, and the hole is now completely ready to take that long strapon! Seeing these angels go naughty together is a terrific cock-teaser... Mistress put a cuff around her wrist, and locked it in place with a small padlock. After she picked up the spreader bar and strapped the attached cuffs around her ankles...

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He continued to undress her, unfastening the skirt and letting it drop to the floor, leaving the handcuffed woman standing in the middle of the room in her panties, half open blouse and disheveled bra... He fed the rope between her legs under the rope that was wrapped around her and then he took her hands and fed the rope through the small metal rings on the leather cuffs. He pulled it tight causing the rope to sink into her through her panties. He went back and forth a few more times with rope pulling it tight each time before knotting it off in front... The nipple clamps where making her nipples hurt with a good pain. Her jaw hurt from the ball gag...

Girls feet tied up, rope tied girl.   new tied up girls
I noticed the coils of cotton rope in her right hand... She moved one of our hardback chairs from the kitchen to the middle of the den, hauled me up into it, and set to work. She pulled loop after tight loop of rope, securing me to the chair at knees, thighs, waist, above and below my breasts, and across my shoulders... My back is arched to conform to the shape of the chair causing my tits to jut out and be prominently displayed. They are very sensitive... My legs are rope tied and back in a painful bondage position. I am very uncomfortable... Finally a ball gag is placed in my mouth and secured behind my head with the leather strap. I am uncomfortable and this discomfort increases with each passing moment...

Shackled ankles, tied up female feet, gag and cuffs.
She is a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with an perfect body. She comes to us dressed in a red teddy, black thong and red high heels. After she poses for us a bit, we gag her and kindly demand she cuff herself. Then we make her do a little more bending over for us before we seat her in the chrome chair and make her shackle her own ankles to it so we can get a glimpse of her pussy. Finally, we strap her legs open spreadeagle and sit back and watch as she wiggles and moans her way to a sopping orgasm.

Tied feet worship, strappado tied.
Slavegirl is wearing only bra, panties and stockings. She is in strappado with her knees and ankles tied outward. She forced to her feet, teetering on the torturous high hells shoes, while the ceiling rope was connected to the black leather belts around her elbows and wrists. A wide spreader bar held the girl's legs far apart while her ankles connected to the floor by short pieces of chain.

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Tied up girl getting feet sucked.
Mistress truss her up in all manner of rigid restraints. She has a reputation for being able to maintain her composure during all types of rigorous activity. Let's see how well she fares during this session! The rigid cuffs don't allow much movement, so they're perfect for restraining chicks! Mistress placed nipple clamps and decided to rig her up with electrodes too, so that she won't get bored or complacent. A little shock here and a little shock there hasn't hurt anybody has it?

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Another rope was soon tied to the metal chair in the middle of my shoulder blades. The ends were drawn under my armpits to be tied beneath my boobs before being taken up over my shoulders and tied off to the post behind my neck. My upper body was now pulled back against the chair... He opened the draw of the bedside table and got out one of my vibrators. He made sure that the vibrator was well lubricated by working it around my wet pussy before slowly but surely pushing it into me...

Rope feet tied, fucked, whipped, blindfolded.
This is the first time beautiful slave girl will get rope tied up and fucked on camera. She's done it before in her personal life of course, but you get to see her do it on Fucked and Bound first, nervously and gracefully. Master ties his sexy slave girl up in tight knots, then strips her down and punishes her for not wearing high heels. She is whipped with a belt, then placed in a knee-point rope strapado bondage for a hard fuck, a reward for obediently taking her punishment. Her orders now are to learn to suck cock well, and to inflict pain on herself as she does so. Exhausted from the restrictive rope bondage and brutal fucking, slave is shackled and blindfolded, and with her mouth wide open she gracefully accepts her Master's hot load.

Tied up bare feet, labia weight clamps.
Mistress knelt again between slave's knees, and not wasting time with 3 ounces, attached a six ounce weight to left labia lip, and another six ounces to the right. The pink folds were stretched two inches out of the girl's pussy, and hung forlornly. A smaller one ounce weight was then attached to the clamp on her clit, and the bound girl used her remaining reserve of energy to strain and writhe against the overpowering confinement...

Pretty feet tied up and tickled, kneeling strappado tied.
This is a very special bondage session. She is a rising super-star in BDSM porn, her talents have been discovered and she's being groomed by the best in the business... A harsh slapping to start off with causes her to talk back to her Mistress. Big mistake. Slave girl in kneeling strappado bondaged. She has to endure electroplay torment and is forced to cum so many times she can't take it any more. Slapping and verbal humiliation bring slave girl to an edge she has never been to before. The tears can't be controlled, panic sets in. She now knows what it's like to be on the receiving end. Will this make her a better Domina?


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