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Tied up gagged and vibed damsels.   new tied up girls
Vanessa is a hot, young bondage model from the south. We tie her up and pull her clothes away, then we gag her. Then we stuff her under the table and leave her there to watch us set up the vibrator stand. She might have asked us what we were planning, but the ball-gag kept her very quiet. We strip her and re-tie her across the table. We rig the vibrator onto her pussy, then we turn it on. Vanessa lays there calmly for a few minutes, but it's not long before she begins to feel the pleasure.

Jeans tied up gagged Christina Carter.   new tied up girls
Shoulders pulled back her breasts were thrust forward lewdly, making them appear even bigger and perkier, almost begging to be touched, groped and tormented. A soft moan escaped her lips as she squirmed... A mile of rope surrounded her slim body. Her arms had been bound behind her back with a million wraps of thin, tight rope. Her legs had also been bound together just below the delicious swell of her hips, above and below her knees as well as her ankles but worst of all, it was the cords looped between her hands and feet preventing her from going anywhere. They'd been pulled so tight only centimeters separated the slim, shapely heels of her delicate feet from her questing fingers between the heavily muffled grunts escaping her lips...

Wooden stocks tied up, humiliated and gagged.   new tied up girls
Her head was leaned forward and her neck placed inside a wooden stock. Her wrists were brought up to stocks and she rested them on the smooth wood. She could hear the top half of the stocks being lowered and then snapped together. Mistress connected a padlock on each metal hinge... She pressed close, her firm breasts pressed into slaves bound arms as she reached around and cupped her captive's breasts. Softly fingers tweaked and tugged the clamps, drawing soft squeaks and squeals from slave girl, her breasts were very sensitive, the clamps sending sharp waves of pain radiating through her breasts...

Asian girl in mini-skirt and high heels tied up.
One girl is in a tight denim mini-skirt, skimpy top and high heels. She is rope tied standing, with her arms tied behind her, knees bound together. Other beautiful girl with silky-dark hair, a beautiful face and a perfectly figure, bondaged with her arms spread wide and rope tied overhead.

Teacher scarf gagged and rope tied up.
I dressed in leather brown corset, black leather skirt and white blouse. I could hardly twitch. She even tied my high heels ankles to one of the chair legs. She then took a second coil of rope and began interlacing my bonds with various parts of the chair and each other. When the second coil of rope was used up I was trussed, laced, and tied into that chair... she stepped behind the chair, pulled my head back with one hand in my hair, and began stuffing the scarf into my mouth. The dry silk filled my entire mouth and trapped my tongue... I am seated in a chair. The back of the chair is arched. My arms are tied behind the chair. My legs are rope tied back and spread, my legs are wide and exposing my already battered cunt... My legs are spread wide and back in a painful position... Finally, she tied a last, unreachable knot and stood, surveying her prisoner...

hogtied girl

Ball gagged slave boy tied up.
His hands bound hand and legs tied. Neck chain ran overhead and locked to pulley. The black rubber ball gag in his mouth was certainly uncomfortable. He was naked of course, his thick cock hard and extended and he knew the next few hours would be very difficult... Both Mistresses are very demanding and require a hard cock to keep them satisfied. The Ladies trample and fuck their slave, they smother him and milk his hard cock on their feet, then order him to lick their feet clean. But this is just the beginning, now they put on their strapon cocks and double-team their poor slave and leave him sodomized and exhausted.

Wake up girl in white bra and panties tied.
I placed my bra and panties in a neat pile with my dress and flat shoes then stood up straight to my full height. "There's a good girl!" she said... She gathered another length of rope and crossed her ankles. Mistress tied them tightly and then using a second piece of rope cinched between the ankles and run it hrough the wrist rope to draw her ankles up towards her hands. She continued to pull and tighten the rope until she had slave's heels touching her hands. The tension pulled girl's shoulders up off the bed slightly. Woman decided that she liked that look and looped some rope around slave's chest and shoulders and tied that back to her ankles. More pulling and tying and her shoulders and upper body were arched off the bed at a satisfying angle...

Hogtied girl harness gagged.
She is gagged very heavily. Gag straps crammed into each of her cheeks. The straps pulled just as tight as was possible. Leather gag strap head harness drawn tightly over the head. The D ring at the top had a length of rope attached that pulled her head back as far as it would go. Drool drip to the floor.

Armbinders strappado tied up games.
Master roughly forced her arms in to the single rubber sheath. Once she had pulled the laces as tightly as she could, her elbows touched. The sheath had an integral collar, which was attached to the arm binder by thick leather straps. She fitted this roughly to the girls' neck, ensuring that the sheath would not work its way down her arms... "Please let me go!" the slave shrieks in fear as her captor bends her over a stool. "I'll do anything!" Of course she's going to do anything Master wants anyway, as her innocent pussy is beaten and bruised, first with a dildo, and then with some metal clamps. Her nipples are also clamped and teased as she cries out, and then is forced to wear a dog collar.

Sexy lingerie, leather boots actresses tied up.
Mistress set about binding her ankles. Slave girl could barely feel the rope through the leather of the boots, but she knew she was tied. Her ankles were tightly held together and there was no movement possible. Mistress placed more ropes around slave’s legs just above her knees. These she felt as she cinched them tightly. She felt Mistress tying rope to her wrist rope, but because it was behind her back she couldn’t see what was going on... Mistress suddenly pulled everything tight and she couldn't help gasping out aloud again. The ropes underneath her breasts were being forced upwards, and squeezing her breasts together that much more. Utterly bound, she peered downwards. The ropes were very white against the brown of her skin...


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